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We want to spread our experiences about:
Study skills
Study harmony, finding harmony in life around the studies
Personal development
Project work; like getting order and job satisfaction in working with projects
Make groups work
Stress management, getting focus and calm in your life. Prevent burn out.

Workshop in April 2021 on Basic Management of Research Projects
Copies of the workshop material is presented here. Articles will open in a new window.when you click on the name.

This is the copy of the workshop: Workshop-9 April-2021

This is the extended material on "Dealing with Stress and prevent burn-out"

This is a popular analysis of "Personal Risk Situations" when you are tempted to do something else than studying.

This is an extended Stakeholder Analysis. Very important to do when you have many stakeholders and especially many enemies.

This is a very powerful method to read and grasp written materials: SPQ3R.

Work less and learn more. This is about the importance of sleeping and taking care of the body, so you have more strength for learning. The article is here: Sleep

Wake up softly and lubricate your joints. This is a set of movements you do in the morning in order to get soft joint that makes the fysical work easier. This is the sheet: WakeUpSoftly